Video: Sheikh Mohammed meets girl who cried over not receiving National Day call

“Now, you can tell everyone that you met me in person.”

A young Emirati girl’s grief at not having received a phone call from the UAE’s Vice-President on National Day has evoked a touching response from him. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who is also the Ruler of Dubai, more than made up for the ‘miss’ by visiting the little girl at her house in Al Ain.

UAE residents had on December 1 received a call from the number 1971, which played a pre-recorded National Day greeting from Sheikh Mohammed. A video posted on social media showed several children excited after receiving the call. However, the little girl, Salama Al Kahtani, can be seen wailing as she missed the call. “He did not call me,” Salama can be heard saying.

The video then cuts to Sheikh Mohammed walking into the girl’s house and sitting next to her on a bench. He comforts her by telling her that even though he called all other Emiratis, she was the only one he met.

“You are my daughter, may God bless you. Now you can tell everyone that you met me personally,” Sheikh Mohammed told Salama as he planted a kiss on her cheek.

The video has gone viral on social media, with several Netizens hailing Sheikh Mohammed’s kind gesture.

A Twitter user who goes by the handle @_HMK31 said: “When you see the video, you will just smile.”

@alfrhan66 said: “May God bless your soul, Sheikh Mohammed. You made this young girl so happy.”

@AhmadHamdy91 said Sheikh Mohammed was a “happiness maker”, while @jwaher_el said: “I wish I could become a child again, just so I could get lucky as this beautiful child did. We are proud of our leadership, they are our pride, and may God bless them with the highest positions.”


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