Expat fined Dh150,000 for doing this without permission in UAE

After seeing the picture on social media.

A woman was fined Dh150,000 for taking a photograph of another woman and posting it on social media in Abu Dhabi.

The European national had inadvertently snapped the picture of the woman while trying to raise awareness of volunteering work in cleaning up beaches, as per Emarat Al Youm report.

After posting the photo on the website of an autism centre, the husband of the woman filed a lawsuit for taking the photograph of his wife without her permission or her knowledge.

In her defence, the woman’s lawyer said that she had received several awards for her volunteering work and had no ill intentions in taking the photo.

He added that she is a home maker and does not have any income to pay the huge fine.

The persons who appear in the photo were also wearing full clothing and thus do not harm the public interest in any way.

Her lawyer argued that seeing as a beach is a public area, privacy laws do not apply.

The court adjourned the hearing till December 11.



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