Man being with the body of dead father for six months

Said cremation would mean destroying his father’s memory along with his body

Patna: A man from the Indian state of Jharkhand kept the body of his dead father at home for six months as he didn’t want to “destroy his memories” by consigning his mortal remains to the flames.

The police have seized the decomposing body from his home and sent it for a post mortem.

As per reports, 75-year-old Vishwnath Prasad, from Indira Colony in Giridih district, died from a prolonged illness in May. His family said he had been suffering from diarrhoea.

Soon after his death, however, his son, Prashant Kumar Sinha, took his father’s body home and hid it in a room without letting his neighbours know about his demise.

Whenever anyone inquired about his whereabouts, he would tell them he had gone off on tour.

The incident came to light this weekend when some boys, who were being tutored by Sinha’s sister, complained of a foul odour in Sinha’s house.

Initially, Sinha tried making excuses, but the children distrubed by the stench tried to leave.

In a fit of rage, he began assaulting the children. When his mother and sister tried to intervene, he began to assault them.

Hearing their cries, the villagers rushed into their house and discovered the rotting body. Witnesses said the villagers were shocked to the see the corpse in the room and find many lit incense sticks to mask the smell.

Subsequently, they informed the police who took the body into custody and sent it for an autopsy.

When questioned about his actions, Sinha told officers that he loved his father too much to cremate his body. The police let the man off after initial interrogation.

“Had I cremated his body, all his memories would have been destroyed at once. So I had kept his body at home for six months but the police [forcibly] took it away,” he told the media on Sunday.

He said he was using chemicals and blocks of ice to preserve the body. “Apparently it got decomposed due to heat as my father had died at the peak of summer,” he revealed.

Villagers say the young man was trying to resurrect his father with black magic.

In a similar incident, the Kolkata police had in April this year arrested a young man who had kept his mother’s body in a commercial freezer for three years in order to benefit from her pension. According to the police, her mother had retired from the Food Corporation of India and was getting a hefty pension and after she died, her engineer son kept her body in the freezer to ensure the that pension would still be desposited in her back account.

According to the police, the accused was using her debit card to withdraw cash from the account. During the annual verification to prove that the pensioner was alive, the man would use his dead mother’s thumb impression to dupe authorities. He would tell bank officials that she is too weak to go to the bank or sign and so they would have to rely on the thumb print, media reports have said.



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