Man arrested in UAE for posting video of child being rebuked, scared

A man has been arrested for posting a video that showed a child being rebuked and scared by an unidentified adult on social media.

“The criminal investigations department has tracked down the man who posted the child abuse clip three days after it reportedly went viral online,” said Major General Ali Abdullah bin Alwan Al Nuaimi, general commander of RAK Police, on Saturday.

“It was not clear when and where the video was shot. Investigations are still underway.”

“It is not acceptable at all to intimidate a child in this way, even if it is meant to discipline the kid,” he pointed out.

Parents and all members of the society need to better communicate with their children, listen to them, and never scare or threaten them, he urged.

“Physical punishment and improper psychological threats always have a negative impact on the child’s self-confidence, behaviour and their future.”

Maj Gen Nuaimi said the ministry of interior has established a special centre to protect children against any abuse or exploitation.

“The public is urged to report any such violence or illegal practices against children on the interior ministry toll free number 116111, which privately and safely deals with these kinds of sensitive cases.”


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